A Unique Island in Peril

Balinese farmers are subjected to economic pressures to sell their livelihood and spiritual locus due to the gross income inequality between agriculture and the tourist industry as well as debt incurred. The destruction of the sawah will annihilate food security as well as the tourist-based industry Bali has become dependent upon to raise its developing nation standard of living.

Comparative Water Usage in Bali

The overdevelopment of the sawah for tourism has led to water scarcity. By 2015, there will be widespread water shortages in the southern part of the island.

Tourism is fundamental to Bali’s economy, and many tourists come to view, photograph and walk through the sawah. Though agriculture is one of the island’s biggest attractions, the farmer receives no benefit from the tourist.

Sawah Farmer

Imminent water shortage has galvanized the political will. The land trust model has gained a groundswell movement within small pockets of Bali. Sawah Bali will launch its pilot project to induce majority support for this new model of conservation and economic development by the people and government of Bali.


Your recognition of the value of Bali’s working landscape will incite the government to protect their natural and cultural heritage.

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