An Interview with Sawah Bali’s Executive Director

Phiphi Kaplan

Get inspired and check out this interview with Phyllis Kaplan, Founder and Interim Executive Director of Sawah Bali.

Phyllis describes her experience arriving in Bali:

As soon as I landed in Bali, I felt something very strongly telling me that this was home. Everybody walks the beautiful rice paddies in Bali. When I first walked through these gorgeous acres and acres of rice paddies, all of a sudden I saw these monstrous buildings in the middle and I knew they were wrong. Just like Vermont during the 1980’s, sprawl was creeping into the middle of fertile food producing land. Developers were trying to suburbanize it, and were destroying valuable land, ecosystems and food production. I realized this place needed a land trust like those I had seen in Vermont and New York.

Inspired? Please help us conserve 135 family farms in Bali, Indonesia! Your support will help us introduce a system of land conservation to sustain the cultural heritage and ecological vitality of Bali!


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