What is Natural Capital Network?

Natural Capital Network is a funding platform for land conservation projects. We help land trusts and conservation organizations showcase their land conservation project opportunities, build a grassroots campaign, and get projects funded.

On the flip-side, we help everyone (YOU!) engage with significant and reputable land conservation efforts in the US and beyond. Whether you make a donation, spread the word about a project, or learn a bit more about land conservation and natural capital, our goal is to help you connect with conservation and wisely invest in the land. Learn more about us here.

What can I do here?

Three things:

1) Visit a featured conservation project and contribute or spread the word. Start with our founding project, Sawah Bali, and begin building a wealth of natural capital!

2) Apply to offer your own conservation project opportunity to our community. We’ll help you develop a sparkling campaign page, evaluate and communicate your project’s ecological merit, and start accepting online tax-deductible donations today. It’s free to apply!

3) Pitch a project idea to our conservation community. Perhaps you have a piece of land you’d like to put under easement, or you’ve been eyeing a spectacular tract for preservation, but you have little conservation background or expertise to get the project implemented. Well, let us know what you’re thinking–we want to help you build momentum behind your idea.

What does it cost?

When you contribute to a conservation project on Natural Capital Network, 100% of the donation goes to the project. In the case of Sawah Bali, the contribution is made to their section 501(c)3 non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust, which allows you to deduct your donation from taxes to the extent allowed by law. Our payment processor, PayPal, charges 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction (a reduced fee for non-profits), which is deducted automatically from your contribution. Donation receipts are provided.

We’re breaking the mold and going back to fundraising basics. At this time, we are not charging a flat fee per transaction like EVERY OTHER crowdfunding platform out there. Rather, we work with you to determine a fair fee for our services based on the value we provide your organization and conservation project. This pricing approach is consistent with the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, the longstanding ethics for fundraising professionals. And it’s not unusual for us to provide pro bono support. This is our gift to Earth.

What are the campaign durations and payout options?

We are happy to help you develop a long-term campaign page for ongoing organizational fundraising, or a more traditional crowdfunding campaign limited to 30-, 60-, or 90-day periods. At this time, donation transactions are finalized at the time of payment confirmation and are immediately available to the project.

…more FAQ coming soon…

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