Your Natural Capital (NatCap) Portfolio consists of the abundant ecosystem services and human benefits that emerge from conserved natural and ecological resources. Every bit of land conservation you help support on this precious Earth contributes to your NatCap wealth.

When you support a project on Natural Capital Network, your NatCap Portfolio will grow.

The NatCap Portfolio invites you to re-imagine wealth and social status. We are sustained by the ecosystem services provided by conserved spaces, such as clean water, fresh air, healthy food, flood control, and spiritual retreat. Our health and our happiness depends on the conservation of nature. When you support effective land conservation, your create and ensure the health and happiness of self, your family, your community, our Earth. Your NatCap Portfolio represents these fundamental contributions to our society and planet.

Now but a concept in its infancy, NatCap Portfolios will be tied to the ecological return on your investment in the land conservation projects offered through Natural Capital Network. We are developing ecosystem services rating metrics and methods to systematically evaluate the land conservation projects offered through our platform to find the highest returns on your investment in natural capital.

Our role is to help you wisely invest your capital in natural capital and benefit from the returns.


  1. Ben Griffin on Reply

    Great to see this network coming to fruition! The site looks great and I especially appreciate that NatCap appropriates 100% of contributions towards the project efforts. NO ONE in the crowdfunding space is doing this! Kudos for disrupting the current model and paradigm.

  2. Gail Coray on Reply

    “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” -Thoreau.
    Thank you for carrying on, for helping all of us in our struggles to believe in a healthy future for our planet, and for seeking and implementing ways to insure such a future. Exciting to see this work in process!

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